Top Hair Accessory Essentials For Summer2020

Top Hair Accessory Essentials For Summer2020

What you should know about hair accessories for Summer2020 beforehand.

Summer is just around the corner and it's going to be big for hair accessories. Yes! Now you can splurge on them without regret since the hair accessories are not going to be as exaggerated as last year. 

Only one bad news for you. Leopard print hair accessories are out of style for this season. So hide them in the back of your drawer, and hope they come back into style for next summer.

Hair accessories you need to own this season.

1. Pearl Accessories

Any pearls you can find for your hair, ranging from pins to headbands, will fit into this season's style. They can also accomplish different looks and styles. Pearl pins are great for wedding receptions, banquets, and other fancy events. What you didn't know is that they are also a fabulous finish to a casual look. 

Some of the pearl hair accessories include:

Pearl Headband

Perfect for wearing to any social event, or even adding it to your everyday outfit because let's be honest, we don't go out to fancy banquets every day.

Pearl Pins 

Big or small pearls, these pins will undoubtedly add that extra pop to your hairstyle. Great for holding your hair in a stylish and sophisticated way, while you go about your day collecting compliments.

Pearl Hair Clips & Barrettes

The only difference between clips and barrettes is the type of clasp they have. Barrettes have a stronger clasp that can pull back more hair, are usually clipped on the back of the head. Clips, on the other hand, can hold less hair, but they are great to wear on the back, side, or near your temples.

2. Padded Headbands

These chic accessories range in a variety of materials and textures. Velvet, faux leather, cotton, polyester, satin. You choose! Gaining popularity through the 90s, they finally made a comeback in Spring 2019 and are still a hot item for summer 2020. 

You can also find these headbands embellished in pearls, colorful stones, studs, etc. Today's headband market brings us a huge variety.

3. Tortoiseshell Accessories

Our most favorite 90s comeback: tortoiseshell hair accessories. Crabs, barrettes, clips, pins, headbands. You name it! A classic and chic look that is perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight, comfortable, and serves the purpose. Keeps the pesky hairs out and brings the style in.

4. Scrunchies

Even though this trend is gradually fading, nothing can beat a good satin scrunchie. As much as it does good for your hair, it is the perfect accessory for women who like to wear their hair up. Silk scrunchies are also the perfect sleeping hair ties since they decrease the dents in your hair. Remember, the bigger the scrunchie, the better!

5. Rhinestone Accessories

If pearls might be too classy for you, rhinestones might just be your thing. Wearing these bejeweled hair accessories has never been better. Pair it with a casual look and you got yourself a totally cute outfit to go out with friends. 


And this is it! Our top five must-have hair accessories for summer 2020.










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