Why Satin Scrunchies Are Actually Good For Your Hair

Why Satin Scrunchies Are Actually Good For Your Hair

You ever wonder what the whole hype is about with satin scrunchies? And why they got popular so quickly? In this blog, I will answer your questions. 

Let's start with a bit of a history lesson!

The first scrunchie was created by Rommy Revson in 1987. She was inspired to invent a hair accessory that would be gentler than the metal hair ties, which were used in the 1980s. Scrunchie hair ties through the 1980s and the 1990s, and slowly died down in the early 2000s. 

The scrunchie made a huge comeback in the late 2010s. As seen all over fashion runways and on many celebrities, this accessory has rapidly gained back its popularity.

So why exactly is the "Satin" scrunchie better?

You might have seen satin and silk pillowcases being advertised as a better alternative for your hair than regular cotton. Well, a scrunchie is no different...

Since satin causes a lot less friction than cotton material, satin scrunchies prevent your hair from breakage and creases. 

If you're the type that likes their hair tied during sleep, the satin scrunchie is just for you. Sleeping in a regular hair tie, your hair goes through so much friction overnight. Rubber band hair ties tend to pull on your follicles and weaken your hair. They also leave you with a crease in your hair, so that's already an automatically bad hair day :( 

The satin material should keep your hair from breakage, split ends, and frizz. The silkiness of the satin keeps it frictionless, preventing it from unwelcomed creases and bent hairs.

Satin is also a great alternative since it doesn't absorb moisture and oils from your hair, which keeps it clean for a longer period of time! The last thing we have time for is washing our scrunchies. 

I hope that this blog has educated you enough to understand the reasons why you might be having split ends and bent hair and how easily you can prevent these things by just switching to satin scrunchies!

I have included our scrunchie collection down below and trust me, your hair will thank you later!
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